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Magician Sudhansu, an illusionist performs magic with the help of special props according to the situation, which is immediately recognized by the audience and professionals on the very first moment of his appearance on the stage.

 He has been performing close up, stand up and illusion shows successfully for last 20 years and has created his own personal style. His interest in the professional presentation of magic can be visualized from the various shows that he has performed.

Magician Sudhansu, basically an electrical engineer had worked for multinational companies and has now established his own business to devote his valuable time for magic. His interest began at the age of 8 and progressed through his pursuit of magician like P.Vaskar, Magician PeeKay etc. from whom he learned the art of magical entertainment. He performed many shows for different celebrities as well as charity shows for under privileged children. He is a great children entertainer.

 Different newspapers and TV channels have covered his achievements in this field. His main principle of life is to develop the art of magic and use magic for social development.

 His illusion is enjoyed both by adults and children

He is an Electrical Engineer, member of many leading organisations. 

Magician Sudhansu is born and brought up in India, (Orissa), started magic at the age of only eight and till now performed many shows in all the leading cities of India and received good appreciations.

He preformed in the stage at the very childhood with Magician P.Vaskar's  team as the special assistance and lead the show by filler items. After that he preformed many shows individually.

Now Sudhansu is At Guwahati, Assam.
He recived the best support from the public of India & abroad 

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